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Canesten HC (clotrimazole, hydrocortisone) is a cream containing both an antifungal and a corticosteroid, used to treat fungal infections that also have symptoms of inflammation.

This product can be used in all ages, including infants, but special care should be taken to use as directed in young children; still-developing bodies are extra-sensitive to side effects.

Patients buy Canesten HC to treat common fungal infections with inflammation symptoms, including:

  • Ringworm
  • Athlete's foot
  • Jock itch
  • Fungal diaper rash
  • Sweat rash
  • Vaginal thrush (external only)
  • Penile thrush
  • Other topical fungal or yeast infections

Canesten HC is ideal for treating the above because it contains two active ingredients, each of which addresses a unique problem:

  • Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication useful at destroying yeast, mold, and fungus that sometimes invade the skin.
  • Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid that relieves symptoms of inflammation, including redness, swelling, itching, tenderness, and warmth.

Sometimes patients will have one symptom but not the other; for example symptoms of inflammation without fungus, or a fungal infection that doesn't produce significant inflammation. These patients are advised to not buy Canesten HC; the problem should be treated with either an antifungal treatment alone or a corticosteroid treatment alone.

Destroy Fungus with Canesten HC

Canesten HC comes in a cream, typically applied to the affected area twice per day. Use is very similar in all cases, regardless of the fungus type or the location of the infection:

  • Wash and dry the affected area.
  • Apply a thin layer of the cream to affected area and gently rub it in.
  • Repeat twice per day, ideally morning and evening.

Those who buy Canesten HC should also be aware of how not to use it:

  • Avoid getting the cream on mucous membranes or broken skin.
  • Avoid covering the treated area with tight clothing or an airtight dressing.
  • Avoid applying the cream to more than 10 percent of the body.
  • Avoid using the cream to treat bacterial or viral infections.
  • Do not exceed 7 consecutive days of use.

While the above is good advice for all patients, it is especially critical in young children. Children---especially infants---do not have a fully-developed barrier in their skin, meaning the medication is more readily absorbed and thus side effects, such as Addison's disease, are more likely to occur. While adults can often get away with questionable practices, care should be taken to avoid them in young patients.

Patients who buy Canesten HC to treat infections of the groin should be aware that the medication can interfere with the integrity of latex, which is what the majority of condoms are made of. Alternative birth control should be utilized for the duration of treatment, though most of these other methods do not offer protection from STDs.

Preventing Re-Infection

Fungal infections can be notoriously difficult to treat even with the best antifungal medications. In addition to buying Canesten HC, care should be taken to avoid re-infection and/or infecting others. Depending on where the infection is located, patients should:

  • Avoid sharing towels, clothes, shoes, and similar items;
  • Sterilize nail clippers, razors, and other grooming products after use;
  • Wash bed linens frequently;
  • Avoid skin-to-skin contact with infected areas;
  • Consider use of antifungal powders on shoes, clothes, bed linens, and other household items that might be contaminated. Note this may not be safe if pets or young children are present.

In the majority of cases inflammation symptoms will be fully cleared up before day 7 of Canesten HC use. If the fungal infection continues it should be treated with an antifungal-only medication, and treatment should continue for a few days following the absence of symptoms to ensure all traces of fungus are destroyed. Most patients notice significant relief after the first one or two applications, and with attention to preventing re-infection or infecting others, the problem will soon be fully resolved.

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